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topmost adj : at or nearest to the top; "the uppermost book in the pile"; "on the topmost step" [syn: uppermost, upmost]

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  1. at or nearest to the top

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Topmost was a Finnish rock band founded in 1966, becoming the most popular band in Finland in the following year. Its members were Heimo "Holle" Holopainen (bass, background vocals), Kristian "Kisu" Jernström (drums, background vocals), Vasilij "Gugi" Kokljuschkin (vocals), Eero Lupari (guitar, background vocals), Harri Saksala (vocals, saxophone), Arto "Poku" Tarkkonen (keyboards). Their most popular hits were Finnish translation versions: 'Näen mustaa vain' ('Black Is Black' by Los Bravos), 'Merisairaat kasvot ('A Whiter Shade of Pale' by Procol Harum) and 'Hän sinut jättää' ('Two Kinds of Lovers' by The Gibsons). Topmost split in 1968. Holopainen, Lupari and Saksala would continue in Apollo.

Singles discography

  • The In Crowd / Alone And Forsaken (1966)
  • Näen mustaa vain / Eleanor Rigby (1966)
  • Two Kinds Of Lovers / Candy Girl (1967)
  • Hän sinut jättää / Aivan ehdoton (1967)
  • Merisairaat kasvot / 8. kesäkuuta (1967)
  • Meni remonttiin / Maailman tunsin muuttuvan (1968)

Albums discography

  • Topmost (1968)
  • Topmost Collection (LP, 1988)
  • Topmost Collection (CD, 2001)

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